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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Having a successful #wardrobe happens when you know your style, but that’s not all. Your clothing foundation is strong when you #organize, #budget, and shop smart. So what’s the foundation? It’s simple: your wardrobe essentials or Basics as many would say.

So, are you ready to evolve with #fashion (and I’m not saying to splurge on the #Birkin Bag, unless you want, no judgement here)? I’m talking about the pieces that belong in your #capsule. It may not be as obvious like all the new trends today, but all the classics like the moto jacket, the black slip dress, and jeans of course do get an upgrade. This means there’s always an opportunity to elevate the basics we have and love. Some might be damaged now and others may not fit like before, so think about donating (this is the perfect time now). Since they all come at various prices and brands, the new classics are the easiest to buy.

Now, is it possible to style high on a low budget you might ask? The answer is Yes! Again, it’s all about the basics. Pairing a [new] v cut t-shirt with a silk midi skirt gives an appearance that’s luxe. Next, add a trench coat, and now it’s a whole outfit. Mixing different textures will make your look more sophisticated. To keep it sleek, use the same or complementary colored tones in your garments and accessories.

So here’s what I pulled out and played with this week:

Padded shoulder top, #ASOS

High-waisted tapered pants, #RachelRoy

Heels, #CapeRobbin

Vintage sequined jacket, consignment

Courtesy of @sabinelayphotog (The Lay Cover Photography)

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