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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Mireya came with it: the next-level dress and #combat #boots outfit many of us saw in the circa 90s, which has been modernized. As of early fall last year, the runway highlighted the shoe’s military sophistication and versatility. When the #aesthetic first entered the scene, it was simple, feminine, and had a toughness that made others want to know more about “that girl” and her look.

What has changed now? From out the streets, and into the burbs, the birthday girl pulled out the #holographic glitz and added the #platform version for more attitude. As for the #Tiara, my assumption was probably the princess problems that deserved all the attention, passed down to her by the, one and only family Matriarch who we all love and celebrated, Adeline Blaise 1964-2020.

Leave a comment #fashionistas! What are some ways you plan on #styling platform combat boots?

These boots have its way of toughening the Tiara and the holographic dress.

The glitz and all transitions well into the evening.

Courtesy of @sabinelayphotog (The Lay Cover Photography)

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