• Sabine Lay


Updated: Mar 26, 2021

I bumped into a minimalist and she was an inspo! I captured Illiana and her look. The ruched cropped top, the midi skirt (love the animal print!), and sneakers in crisp-white came together seamlessly! Dressing or layering with a few powerful pieces can say a lot about the person. The button-down white shirt, a high waisted black trouser, and a nude sandal plus the matching bag completes the look, illustrating a girl who is comfortable in her own skin without needing much to make a statement. If that is you, what was your best minimalist outfit? Why is minimalist style more popular now than previous seasons? Let's talk about it. Hope you will join the discussion soon.

#minimalists #minimaliststyle #minimalistlifestyle #lessismore #thezeitgeistineveryseason

Courtesy of @sabinelayphotog (The Lay Cover Photography)

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