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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Hot pants are trending now, but jean shorts? Now, that’s classic! Denim shorts are perfect for weekend vibes like hitting up a brunch spot or dressing for Coachella. #Chanel, #Ferretti, and #Givenchy hit the runway at #NYFW by taking denim shorts to the next-level. So, instead of buying another basic jean shorts, invest in another type of rise that stands out. Be open to different cuts and washes that have personality. Cutoff shorts when tailored perfectly have a way of showing off your curves. Slouchy ones paired with a Victorian-inspired top will make your fit look effortless.

Ashely Moore @amazinglee28, a blogger and my recent client, wanted to look more stylish, and I was there to help her achieve that. One of the looks I styled her in was on the casual side. From the start, Moore pictured herself in denim shorts, but in the end, it was my job to make sure her outfit looked posh. Before the shoot, she was excited, confident, and ready to make a statement on the street.

#OOTD: a vintage-inspired tee (Dechoes Resale $9), high-waisted denim shorts (Target $35), classic platform pumps (Michael Kors $113), a statement blazer with leather and plaid (consignment store, $10) and a faux crocodile tote bag (Neiman Marcus $30)

To see the full look, go to Instagram: @sabinelayphoto

Courtesy of @sabinelayphotog (The Lay Cover Photography)

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