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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

In the times we are in, social distancing: it is easy, almost an obsession to glue our eyes to the screen and hear of talks from the news that give heed to fears, anxiety, panic attacks, or depression. It is true that these things can overwhelm us, break us in mind and in spirit, but should we let them control us? Of course not! Instead of giving our power to negative things and thoughts, let us shift our perspective to all that is positive: #prayer, intentionally #loving and #supporting others, a 30 minute home #workout (currently sore from lunges the other day), #facetiming family and friends, and of course, #Fashion. So, why fashion? It’s one of the best ways to express yourself. Remember, it all starts from home (like playing dress-up in mom’s closet back in the day, the runway shows, #supermodels, and of course, #ProjectRunway). While staying in, let’s slip into style, have fun, and relax: mind, body, and soul.

So, there are three ways to wear a maxi blazer. I have one in slate blue on the video below to give you some inspo. Which look is your fav? Where do you see yourself wearing a similar outfit in the future? Don't worry! I believe you'll be able to wear it one day because this too ("The Rona") shall pass.

With Love,

Sabine C. Lay

Philippians 4:6-7


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