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The month of March is a time to renew. It is in the season as spring makes its way. It is in our thinking as we focus and reflect on our mental health. How about renewing what we wear according to the shape we have? Well, there is nothing wrong with starting over, even if it is how we #shop and #dress.

When we style with garments that best flatter our #bodytype, we begin to feel good and confident. Dressing with a clear plan helps us in the long run; in fact, loving the clothes we have helps us keep our attention off ourselves. Instead, we can give attention to others who might need support, a friend, or someone who will listen.

With all that said, there is no better time than now to honor our God-given shape by paying attention to the details. To start, let us begin measuring our body parts so we can understand why we fall under those common body shapes we hear about.

The Four Measurements That Outline Your Structure

For a better dress experience, grab a #TapeMeasure to take the size of four body parts: our shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. Having each #measurement helps us to visually connect all parts to see the outline of our structure and what category of body shape we fall under. Also, it is ok to fall in between two or three body types given that each body is never built the same. The five common body shapes described later provides a simple baseline to start with.

First, use a tape measure to take each size and record them on a notepad. If one is needed, purchase one at your local craft store or order one online. I purchased two for $4.99 on Amazon about three weeks ago to replace my old ones. Here, I have my four measurements for example:

Shoulders 42'' Bust 25'' Waist 36'' Hip 44''

I had my sister help me wrap the tape measure around my shoulders to keep it from falling. In order to get a good measurement for proper size in tops, bras, bottoms, dresses, etc., make sure you hold the tape at the fullest area of each body part with a comfortable snug, but not uncomfortably tight. I normally fall between the pear (bust to hips) and the hourglass (shoulders to hips) body shape.

The Five Common Body Shapes and a Few Tips On What Best Clothes to Wear

Now that each measurement is available, see what body type/s below you all are most familiar with.

Image Source: Michael Stewart/Corbis

You are bigger or broader, in the shoulder and/or the bust. Alongside a slimmer waist and hips, this means that you most likely fall under the Athletic body shape or the Inverted Triangle body shape.

Try this

Tops: halter tops, peplums, razorbacks , V-neck T's Bottoms: A-line skirts, straight-cut jeans, wide-leg pants Dresses: sheath dresses Jacket: belted blazers

Image Source: Getty/Angela Weiss

Try this

Tops: cowl cut blouses, embellished tops, off the shoulder blouses, puffed sleeves Bottoms: flared pants, high-waisted, wear belts around the waist Dresses; A-line dresses Jacket: wrap and belted

Image Source: Kambouris/Getty Wider or cuvry all around without a defined waist, you'll often notice the Apple, Circle, or Round body shape.

Try this Tops: cap sleeves, peplums, tunics, V-neck blouses Bottoms: A-line skirts, flared pants, palazzos Dresses: 3/4 sleeves dresses Jacket: waterfall style

Image Source: Andrew H. Walker/Getty The body type with minimal to no curves and without a definite waist is described as the Rectangle body shape.

Try this Tops: bateau, layered tops, ruffled styles, sweetheart cuts Bottoms: high-waisted, ayered skirts, slim straight jeans, Dresses: empire cut dresses Jacket: cape style

Image Source: Getty Images Curvy on the top and bottom where the bust and hips measure roughly the same with a defined waist is the Hourglass or Proportioned body shape.

Try this

Top: scoop neck, sweetheart necklines, wrap, V-neck tops Bottoms: high-waisted pants, pencil skirts, straight cuts jeans Dresses: fitted or mermaid style

Jacket: moto style

As you all discover what looks better on your shape like the few pieces suggested, (1) keep in mind what feels comfortable and what doesn't, (2) notice what brings balance and streamlines visually (use the mirror or take pictures), (3) find colors that will direct where the eyes should go, and (4) more importantly, have fun! There is no rush in getting it perfect the first time.

If you started paying attention to your body shape already as you dress, what do you enjoy the most in this journey? What are the challenges?

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